blogs that inspire me.


A Beautiful Mess has the cutest blog design and shares so many pretty pictures of DIY projects and recipes. Half the recipes I have saved on pinterest are from A Beautiful Mess I think…it’s serious eye-candy.




The sewing tutorials on Made are so well thought out! I can easily follow them if I make some of her projects. But a lot of times I just read the tutorials for fun and the amazing photography…I’m such a sewing nerd haha.




Even though she doesn’t post that often, the archives from The Restored Artist are pure gold. seriously. And since the blog was started in high school, Ellie’s posts are often more relatable than some of the ones on larger blogs.




I don’t check enJoy it regularly, but when I do it’s kind of dangerous. Usually I’ll still be reading through the archives an hour later. I loved reading about her business story.




And lastly, how could I not follow my own sister’s blog? Plus I get to see her writing posts (she’s got an awesome sewing tutorial coming up…..that may or may not be awesome only because I’m modeling. my hand is going to be famous!).  I’m so jealous of her photography skills.


And just for fun, today I found proof from my six-year-old self that I was always meant to start a blog:


When I was little I filled SO many notebooks. I developed a pretty pretentious voice through the first chapters of so many novels, to-do lists, instruction booklets, and “diarey” entries.  I guess if you are only six it’s still sort of cute?

happy thursday!


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  1. Anonymous

    Hey, I want to read all your early works. Save’em.


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