DIY Temporary Hair Dye

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to dye my hair crazy colors (and yes! August is still summer!). Maybe because bright colors seem to be a summery staple, or maybe because I always feel like an artsy rebel. Because super-temporary (one day) hair dye is obviously extremely rebellious. (;

Here’s one way to do it that works great for streaks or the top of your hair. The underside will work too, but it’s a bit messier to execute.  So many options!


You’ll need two things: chalk pastels and a bowl or spray bottle of warm water. If you aren’t familiar with chalk pastels, they are kind of a hybrid between those crayon-like oil pastels and sidewalk or chalkboard chalk.  You can get them from any craft store or online.  It’s best to do this project outside and in clothes you don’t want to wear all day as it can get a bit messy!

The first step is to get your hair wet.  A spray bottle would work best, but if you’re like us and don’t have one, you can drip/dunk the part of your hair where you want to add the color. No exact science here, as you can see from the pictures…

square - wet hair

Next, take whichever color pastel you want and dunk it in the water.  After it’s nice and wet and probably dripping colored water all over your front porch, take it and start coloring on your wet hair. It’s so simple!

square - dyeing

square - dyeing again

Hold one hand behind the lock of hair you’re working on, and pull the pastel down sideways over the hair.  That method works the fastest for me! Keep re-wetting the pastel often and go over and over the same section of hair three to five times. The more you color, the brighter it will be. Be sure you’re covering the back of the hair and the very end of the tips too!

puddle of color

The goal is to make a little pool of thick pastel colored water in your hand from wetting and coloring over the same section of hair over and over.

final product

Finally, enjoy your beautiful mermaid-like hair (and blue hands!).  Once it dries, you can try styling your hair, but be careful because the dye will probably rub off onto your brush or hands a little bit. It’ll come off your hair with warm water and off of your skin with soap. And it won’t stain if you had any laundry mishaps like I did. (:  Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried it or if you have any questions…this is still my first DIY post so I’m just learning the whole explaining thing.

have a good week!

Photo credz go to Grace. Besides the editing and pastel photo, which I will happily take credit for. 😛  



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6 responses to “DIY Temporary Hair Dye

  1. Anonymous

    So I want to know if it stained any laundry or deck!


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  3. Anonymous

    Great photography. You write so well, Lane. This is so you.


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