Life, Currently: Photography derps, some Busyness, and Business

This post could have alternately been named “some random musings on what’s been happening around here, and some sneak peaks about new blog posts in the making” or “A Stream-of-Consciousness Look into Lane’s Life This Past Week”.

First, I’m going to confess that I had grand plans of sharing a sewing tutorial on Tuesday. and then today.  But school happened and I forgot that in order to write a tutorial you need some pictures. And in order to take pictures you need some light, and the only time of day when there’s enough light in the sewing room in the mornings. Otherwise you can get some really, really blurry pictures.


You’d think I would have remembered from when I was editing pictures for the headband tutorial… So note to self for next time, don’t wait until the afternoon to decide to write a sewing tutorial!  Oh well, I’m still learning this whole blogging deal.  I guess I can only improve from here!  Be expecting some of this in the near future.


This week, three more of my classes started.  Which was crazy on so many levels, but especially coming to the realization that I will be in some sort of class or volunteering for 9 hours on Thursdays.  Homeschooling is fun like that sometimes, but I actually do enjoy getting to be around people for classes. To de-stress yesterday, I found a little weekly calendar by hour and bubbled in every time slot where I’m in a class, studying, or in the car.  For some strange reason it was rather therapeutic, and I don’t consider myself an organized person.


I only have to add one more class, which starts next Monday and then I’ll be on my normal, full school schedule.  That class is an entrepreneur and economics class which I am so excited about (the entrepreneurship part, maybe not so much econ.)  I’m going to start sharing some of my tips on running a camp, mostly for me as a way to remember it, but also to show that normal people can definitely earn money on their own.  I love reading about people’s creative ventures.  If that’s your thing too, I read a really interesting thing called make29 that the enJoy it blog did last year.  Basically Elise made and sold all these different types of products to celebrate her 29th birthday and as a little experiment to see what sold the best.  It’s over now, but I am kind of an artsy business nerd so it was really fun to read about.  (:  Whether it’s selling something handmade at a craft fair, learning how to market your own products, or teaching something like an instrument or a craft, it’s so amazing that you’re sharing with others while simultaneously supporting yourself.


I’m so excited to gush some more about businessy stuff over the next few weeks and share how I did my camps, so I hope you’ll stick around!

In other randomness, thank you so much for the kind words (both online and in real life) on the teenager post from last week.  My friend wrote a similar post that is so true. You can check it out here.

Well, that’s it for now! have a great weekend!


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