Snappy Pouch | Sewing Tutorial

snappy pouch

It’s a wallet…it’s a purse…it’s a super customizable tutorial that you can make in a snap, with a snap…it’s the snappy pouch sewing tutorial!!!



Sorry not sorry for that cheesy opener, but I am so excited to share this tutorial today!  This pouch is a breeze to make, uses not that much fabric, and is the perfect size to carry around your essentials (wallet, keys, etc.) or to stash inside a purse.  It only uses scraps of fabric, and you don’t have to mess with putting in a fiddly zipper.  Read below for the instructions, and if anything doesn’t make sense, please let me know in the comments!


pouch supplies

  1. Main fabric for outside of purse: two rectangles 7.5″ x 11″
  2. Lining fabric: two rectangles 7.5″ x 11″
  3. Fusible interfacing (medium weight is perfect, but any kind will do): two rectangles 7.5″ x 11″ + a little scrap piece for snap
  4. Contrast for snap closure: one square 6″ x 6″
  5. Magnetic snap (I got mine on etsy, but you can find them at any sewing store)

pouch tutorial 1


pouch tutorial 2

(1.) Iron the interfacing pieces to the wrong side of the lining pieces.  This will stabilize your pouch and make it less flimsy. (Random, but don’t you love this lining fabric?  It’s a really subtle feather pattern, but from a distance it just looks white!)

pouch tutorial 3

(2.) Place the right sides of the lining fabric together (interfacing facing out) and sew around three sides, leaving a 4″ hole as shown.  This is so you can turn everything right side out after we sew the whole thing together.

pouch tutorial 4

(3.) Now sew the exterior fabric together on three sides just like the lining fabric (except no hole on the bottom this time).

pouch tutorial 5

(4.) On the bottom right corner, attach the thinner protruding side of your snap.  The prongs fold down over the fabric like a brad fastener, and the instructions should be on your package.  I like to add some interfacing on the back side of where I’m sticking the snap to help keep the fabric from ever fraying…if you still aren’t sure what you’re doing with the snap, this tutorial is very helpful.  It’s so much easier than adding a zipper to a pouch and looks just as neat!

Now, look at the last picture in the row of three above.  Fold your fabric in half vertically (so the snap and right side are facing in) and sew across the bottom and up the long side.  Turn it right side out and press, and it should look like it does below.

pouch tutorial 6

(5.) Line up the top of the snap fabric with the top of one side of the exterior fabric.  Sew (make sure you only sew through one layer!) across with a 1/4″ seam allowance to attach the snap flap to the pouch.  Looking good. (:

(6.) Now look to see where the other side of the snap should go on the front of the outside, mark it with a pencil, and attach the thicker part of the snap.

pouch tutorial 7

(7.) Now it’s time to sew the lining and exterior together!  Keep the exterior fabric right side out, and the lining fabric inside out.  Place the exterior fabric inside the lining, with the snap flap un-snapped and hanging down in between the lining and the exterior.  Line up the edges of all those layers nicely and pin all the way around.  I hope the picture helps a bit, but it should be more self explanatory when you try it.

pouch tutorial 8

(8.) Sew alllll the way around the top edge where we pinned.

pouch tutorial 9

(9.) Almost there!  This is the fun part.  Start pulling the exterior fabric out from the hole in the bottom of the lining.

pouch tutorial 10a

Keep pulling…..

pouch tutorial 10b

….while simultaneously pulling the lining right side out.

pouch tutorial 10c

Done!  Iron over all the fabric (it probably got a bit crinkly from turning it right side out).

(10.) Stitch closed the hole in the lining fabric, and stuff the lining fabric down into the pouch where it’s supposed to go.  Press it one more time to make it look more professional, and you’re done!

pouch tutorial 11

This is a great beginner project (we made them at my sewing camp this summer), so it’s easy to change the measurements to make the size pouch you want, or you could try adding a wrist strap.  The pouches make great gifts (especially if you tuck something inside!), or you could enjoy your beautiful handmade pouch yourself.

pouch 3

pouch 3

Have a great Monday!


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  1. mom

    Easy peasy….can I just get you to make me one?


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