Thankful | volume 2

lots of truffles

Today, on this rainy Friday afternoon, I’m thankful for…

  • A friend who brought me Starbucks for my birthday this past week in the middle of study hall.  Since I’m still convinced it’s summer, I had a vanilla iced latte instead of pumpkin spice. It’s only the second time trying coffee and Starbucks for me, and I’m proud to say that I drank almost the whole thing and actually started to enjoy the taste towards the end (which is really embarrassing considering the sugar to coffee ratio…one day I’ll be able to drink it black). But it seriously made my day. (:
  • Children’s books. For school, I had to write a report on a book I loved as a kid, which was the best assignment ever. I’ve fallen back in love with Madeline.

    “In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines
    Lived twelve little girls in two straight lines
    In two straight lines they broke their bread
    And brushed their teeth and went to bed.
    They left the house at half past nine
    In two straight lines in rain or shine-
    The smallest one was Madeline.”

  • Physics. I have so much school this year, but I am so lucky to have classes which I enjoy. And I expected to hate Physics since I’m not a math person, but all the math so far is so easy! It makes sense!  And I get to learn about interesting things like retrograde motion and crazy guys who subjected themselves to 40 g’s of acceleration!  I’m kind of scared to publish this, because my dad is going to cheer and say “I told you so”…
  • Oreo truffles.  Also, for interested parties, we’ve figured out how to keep the melted chocolate off the counter: drop the truffle into the bowl of chocolate, and then turn it over, and scoop it out with a fork.  The slots in the fork let more of the chocolate drain off back into the bowl than a spoon.

one truffle

  • New handmade projects to look forward to.  I just bought a dress pattern (I’m making variation 2) and some fabric…think black and vintagey! I’ll keep you guys posted.

kim dress

I’m aware that it’s been a week since I’ve posted, and much longer than that since a sewing tutorial or book review.  I miss spending my afternoons writing blog posts, but unfortunately school takes priority (this time it’s my mom cheering).

I’ll be back soon with a book review, but in the meantime, have any good book recommendations for me? (:  let me know in the comments.

Have a lovely weekend!



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