Photography Tips for Beginners

photography tips

The hardest part of writing a blog post for me is taking the pictures. Luckily I have a sister who is an amazing photographer.  When she bought a big fancy camera, I thought it was an odd way to spend her money, but she’s since gone on to take hundreds of cool pictures and has joined a photography class.  Most of the time I take my own pictures on my mom’s digital camera, but sometimes I can convince Grace to snap a few pictures for me for a post (like the blue hair chronicles). Today Grace wrote a post for me on the most important photography tips!

Hey guys! I am Grace from over at indigo overalls! I am so excited to share some beginner photography tips with y’all!  You don’t need a fancy DSLR camera to use these, although your results will turn out better if you have one! There is nothing wrong with a point and shoot though!

  • White backgrounds are the best! I love white cardstock or a white foam board to take pictures with. Not only will it look cleaner and draw focus towards your subject, it will reflect light which is always a good thing!

white background

  • Know ISO! On our family point and shoot it has two ISO options: high and auto. Know unless you know your photography terms you wouldn’t know what that means. ISO is basically the sensitivity to light. So, a high number means more light the camera will let in, and a low number means the less light the camera lets in. The catch is that a high ISO makes your pictures look grainy.
grainy iso

Eww! Super grainy!

better iso

Ah so much better!

  • Knowing how to navigate your camera. So you can make changes quickly to catch that perfect shot. Enough said! Fun fact: did you know that the light meter on Canon cameras puts the positive on the right, but Nikon cameras have the positive light meter on the left! Technically Canons’ make more sense but I am still in love with Nikon! What that had to do with knowing your camera, I don’t know. But, hey, it is still a fun fact!

           Canon                                                                                      Nikon


  • “Hold still! I am turning off the flash!” That was a phrase that I hear a lot! But why do pictures turn out blurry when you turn off the flash? There is another photography term that would explain: shutter speed. Shutter speed is how fast the shutter opens and closes capturing time. The longer the shutter speed stays open the more light is let in and the more time goes by. In other words, the more blurry a moving object will appear. How does this relate to flash? When you turn off the flash the camera tries to make up for the missing light by letting the shutter stay open for longer making the picture more blurry.

shutter speed

Ah! The hands are so blurry! Better bump up the shutter speed!

  • The rule of thirds. Best explained with a picture: Instead of placing your subject right smack in the middle, it is more appealing to the eye if you place it off to the side. It is best explained with a picture:

rule of thirds

Okay! Thanks so much guys for reading! Thanks Lane for hosting me!

Thanks, Grace. Whether you have a blog, want to get more comfortable with a camera, or are just looking to record some of your weekend goings-on, I bet these tips will come in handy. (:


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