thankful | volume 3

How could I not on Thanksgiving?

I’m so glad we have a holiday to give thanks for what we have (especially right before a holiday that’s more focused on the gifting).  So yeah.  I hope this post doesn’t come off as all sappy and #blessed…that’s not what I’m trying to do.  Thankful is definitely an attitude I want to strive for.  For me, it’s just nice to stop and think about what I am thankful for, because the more I consciously think about it, the easier it becomes to list things off.  God is good.

FullSizeRender (1)

Please enjoy the random beach picture, to break up the wall of text. 

I’m thankful for…

  • Books books books and the author’s that write them.  There’s nothing more stress relieving than getting absorbed in a really good, thought-provoking book.
  • The ocean.  Especially when it’s at its awe-inspiring, swimmers-tiring best.  (ha! I did a rhyme. not sure if it made sense though…basically when the waves are so big that swimming in them makes your legs feel like noodles afterwards).

Those colors were for real.

  • For catch-up days (school, sleep, standardized tests, piano lessons, drama club…)
  • A really-fun-almost-97.5%-of-the-time relationship with my siblings

Some of us like Taylor Swift more than others. (feat. Grace)

  • Free fonts.


  • That not only do I have everything I need for survival, like food, clothes, house, great family and friends, I get so much more on top of that.  For example creativity, or having the ability to listen to music all day during school, or living in a city with pretty season changes.  
  • Also: Sweet potato casserole on thanksgiving (thanks mom!)

Can it be dinner time yet?

I truly hope you are having a #blessed day. And go Georgia Tech on Saturday. (;



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  1. Anonymous

    I am thankful for you, Lane. Aunt Lucy


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