Hello, 2016.

I’ve had a blog for 145 days now. 145 days!

So with this milestone and the fact it’s a new year, I guess now is as good a time as any to recap where this blog ride has taken me so far.  Some of my favorite posts:

tips for refashioning

headband tutorial finished 1Headband tutorial…still my favorite sewing tutorial. (:

Picture1If you made me choose a book review that was my favorite, it would have to be 13 Reasons Why or Hope Was Here.


And my very favorite (and coincidentally the top-performing) post was Living the Teenager Life.  It was just a random post I wrote one day…probably when I was feeling a bit angst-y.  But I liked that it resonated with people!

According to dozens of articles I’ve read on blogging, the number 1 way to grow your audience is by blogging consistently. While I’d love to be able to make that my New Year’s Resolution, I can’t make a promise I can’t keep. Schoolwork will always take priority, and junior year is hard!!  So it means a lot that my few followers have stuck around through these past few sparse blog-post-wise months.

And speaking of followers and blog posts.

Writing this stuff is definitely a learning process.  Some people like words, some prefer pretty pictures.  Some people who read this are reading because they’re my friends, some because they wanted to read book reviews and WordPress told them to jump here, and some because a random google search brought them here by accident.  Some people like the “cute” stuff like fonts and quirky punctuation, and for some people it really bothers them to see a sentence fragment and a non-capitalized sentence.

photo (4)

See, I’m dedicated. My dad stole (sorta) me a road sign with my blog name on it.

Obviously the only person that truly enjoys every topic I post about here is me (although some I do like more than others. Book reviews are super relaxing to write, but Start the Camp posts are more tedious. I’m only still writing them for my future self who might forget [/end tangent].)

So thank you everyone who stuck around!  What was your favorite post of the year?  Certain categories you’d like to see more of in the future?

Let me know in the comments!!



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