How I Edit My Photos (without photoshop)


Between the blog pictures, pictures from my trip to Europe, and random iPhone Instagram pics, I have a lot of photographs.  I tend to think of blogging as writing, but honestly the visual side of creating a website is much more time consuming. I wish there was an Instagram filter method of editing all my photos in a snap, or that I had the time/money to invest in some Photoshop and lightroom skills.  Since that isn’t happening, I use the default program is already installed on my laptop, Windows Photo Gallery.  Here’s how I edit my photos to give them a bit more of that wow factor.


Here’s a picture I took on my iPhone this past summer.  First, I upload it, or if I’m feeling lazy, I’ll just email it to myself and download it on my computer that way.  Then I go into file explorer and hit “open in photo gallery”, then “edit, organize, and share”. This will be different depending on what computer you have, but mine is an HP laptop that uses windows.


There you go. Open up the picture you want, and go ahead and hit “fine tune” in the upper middle toolbar.  You’ll have the option to adjust exposure, color, straighten photo, and adjust detail.

The next steps will really be up to your taste. I’m sure I’m making the photographers reading this cringe, because I have absolutely no idea what all of these buttons mean technically. I just like the look they create, so I guess it works for me!

The first thing I do usually is increase the brightness and contrast to make photos pop. Brightness is probably the single most difference maker in photos.


You can also fiddle with the shadows and highlights dial to create different types of depths in your photos. See the differences in whether the town (shadowed) or sky (highlighted) stand out?  You can also adjust the histogram if you want an even more dramatic depth difference.  Different photos will do well with different amounts, but my preference is low shadow, high highlight for greater contrast.


The last step I do is to adjust the color.  Color temperature tells whether you want more of a warm or cool tone to your picture.  Most often I adjust it to the right to make it warmer, but lately I’ve been favoring the cool tones as well. Maybe it’s a winter thing?  You can also up the saturation if you want a vivid, colorful photo. I usually ignore tint unless I really need to adjust the colors, simply because only a little adjustment of the tint and your photo can end up looking super green or pink.austria-4

Here’s how the photo progressed as I fine-tuned. Of course the version you like best is subjective. But now you know how to make it look how you want, and with practice it gets faster!


This only takes a minute or two, and I really love seeing the difference.  Who needs photoshop when you can cheat? (: Hope this helps someone out!



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  1. mom

    wow I just realized that your Austria pic was blinking through the different versions…very technically savvy! You know I don’t get Windows Photo gallery on my PC anymore since upgrading to whatever version of Windows is right now. So many may not have this software. Any tips on how we can get it? I miss it!


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