6 Healthy Snacks to Try

So if you’ve been reading along with the B(M)I week posts, you’ll remember that a few months ago I tried to start eating a bit healthier.  You can read more about the week-long series and what inspired me to start eating healthy here (not a super good reason, but hey! I like carrots and salad and black coffee now!).

Annnnyway, I don’t consider myself an expert on healthy eating by any means, but it’s been fun getting creative and trying out some different snacks and lunches. Here are some favorites!

Sweet Potato

1. Sweet potatoes

You can slice and bake them for sweet potato fries, stir fry them and eat it with an egg (I promise it actually tastes amazing – if you want to get fancy, try this recipe), or just bake them and eat with cinnamon.

2. Smoothies or cold oatmeal

There are so many recipes that basically combine yogurt and fruit and granola and chia seeds in magical ways.  I like this recipe...scroll down for carrot cake flavored overnight oats. A chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie is also super easy and yummy and not at all healthy seeming. Heh.  Or a mango smoothie?!


3. Hummus

My favorite way to eat this is either with carrots as a dip, or on a wrap (tortilla, hummus, veggies, and dried cranberries).

4. Nuts or Chickpeas

Gotta get in the protein somehow. I like toasting walnuts with a chili pepper and sugar blend. Sometimes I also make a scaled-down trail mix by just buying a container of mixed nuts and adding raisins to it.

5. Fruit!

Banana and peanut butter. Apples and peanut butter. Or apples and string cheese. Or just a plain orange. Many options!


6. Salad

Maybe a bit odd to eat as a snack, but still super yummy.  You can add things like edamame for protein, halved grapes or strawberries for a fruit, and feta or cilantro to mix things up. If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll use balsamic vinegar and olive oil in lieu of dressing.


On Sunday I’ll have one more post to wrap this series up. But in the meantime, I hope you found some new ideas. What snacks do you enjoy?



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2 responses to “6 Healthy Snacks to Try

  1. Anonymous

    Ooooo! All the overnight oats look really good. 🙂 For snacks, I usually like to just eat an apple or a handful of nuts. Also, graham crackers and peanut butter are good. Pretty much anything with peanut butter is good, even if it’s just peanut butter on a spoon. Almond butter is really good too.


  2. Terry Elder

    Cookies! Oh, you want healthy snacks…


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