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The blog.

Periwinkle Lane chronicles the musings, messes, and projects of a teenage girl. I love (and use) my laptop as much as anyone, but I think I have the most fun doing actual things in the real world.  Like planning and running art camps for younger girls, or reading one of the books a friend recommended ages ago, finding a treasure at a thrift store, and sewing something that I’d actually like to wear.  Maybe the fact that I’m sharing all these things through my laptop makes me sort of a hypocrite, but at least I have an excuse/motivation to do them more often.

I hope that anyone reading this blog will be inspired to try to incorporate a little bit of something creative too.  Enjoy looking around! (:

The person.

That girl in the picture up there? Yup, that’s me, Lane.  Just your normal creativeish, music-loving, book-obsessed hipster wannabe.  Discover a lot of random information about the author of this blog below:

  • Currently, my primary job is surviving high school. I’m a senior this year, which seems way too old for me. I’m still a child hehh.
  • No, I don’t know where I’m going to college or what I’m going to major in yet. I’ve been applying to schools and scholarships like it’s my job.
  • In my spare time, you can probably find me doing something creative, playing piano, or reading a trivial YA novel.
  • Favorites: Color: yellow. Animal: jellyfish (!) Food: pesto, caprese salad, oreos, and mangoes. Book: The Help. TV show: Parks and Recreation. Artist: OneRepublic probably. And I can not possibly choose movie so don’t even ask.
  • If I could only eat one meal a day for the rest of my life, it would be breakfast.
  • Anything that involves running, using some sort of ball, or a reasonable amount of coordination I fail at.
  • I’m sort of a football nerd (I have my own fantasy football league, sooo….). Go Falcons!
  • I am an introvert.
  • I am the oldest child out of four.
  • I like my name.
  • I don’t know have a spirit animal or whatever, but my spirit fictional character is Margo from Despicable Me.
  • I have my cartilage pierced.
  • Going on outings and watching movies makes me unreasonably excited.
  • When I am excited I will make a ton of sarcastic comments and flail around like I’m trying to dance.  I’m so cool.
  • I have always wanted to go up the down escalator, but I have yet to actually do it.
  • The beach, ziplines, and new fabric inspire me.
  • I suck at small talk, but having someone randomly come tell me part of their life story pretty much makes my week.

With everything I do and write, I try to do it to glorify my Creator.  He saved a completely messed up me, so He deserves it, you know?


Why did you start the blog?
For fun. And as an outlet to write down everything I’ve learned after four years of art camps, but really mostly for fun (:

Why is it named Periwinkle Lane?
My grandpa used to call me periwinkle (not sure how he came up with it!), and I think the color is pretty.  So when I started making things and selling them in middle school, I named my little “business” periwinkle. Later when I started getting concerned about web addresses and etsy shop names I wanted something more unique, so I tacked my name on the end of it: “Periwinkle Lane” (the fact that it sounds like a road name is kind of a bonus I guess). When I started this blog in a fit of boredom, I tried thinking of a new name that was different than my handmade biz, but I couldn’t think of a good one.  So Periwinkle Lane became the blog name too.

Is your name short for anything?

No. I’m not an Elaine or Delaney or Alaina or anything else.  (:

Do you ever have spoilers in your book reviews?
Not without a huge warning! and I only do that when I think the ending really affects how much I’d recommend the book (which is not that often).  Normally though I’d maybe only say whether I enjoyed the end or not.

Do you do blog “tags”?
It depends on the tag, but probably not. It feels too much like those weird forward emails that went around in middle school, plus I usually plan ahead what I’m going to post next and I’m too excited about it to change plans. I do enjoy reading them on other blogs though!

Can I pin/link/share your posts?
Please do!!


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